70% of phone calls from consumers to businesses do not convert.

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Increase the conversion rate of your inbound call campaigns with powerful, result oriented features.

Audience Automation

Automatically build Facebook Custom Audiences with 70% - 80% + match rates in real-time.

Keyword Segmentation

Segment your callers by keywords mentioned on the call, then retarget them with product or service specific ads.

Build Personas

Discover the age and gender of your callers so you can zero-in on your most ideal audience for targeting.

Ideal for phone call driven verticals.

85 billion phone calls were made globally by consumers with smartphones to businesses in 2016,
a figure that will grow to 169 billion by 2020.
With Zigglio, businesses can ensure the seamless continuity of their marketing message after the initial phone call.

Three easy ways to integrate.

Zigglio Phone Numbers

Purchase Zigglio phone numbers and forward calls to your front desk.


Send us your call data via our super easy to integrate API.


Upload your call data and Zigglio will handle the rest.

Your prospects are calling, let's convert them!
Retargeting can boost ad response up to 400%
(CMO.com by Adobe)