How to Retarget Your Inbound Callers on Facebook

Chances are, you spend a significant portion of your advertising budget on retargeting campaigns. Sounds like you? Bravo! Businesses that retarget, see 70% higher ad engagement and higher conversion rates.

What about your inbound callers? Are you retargeting them too? If not, you are missing out on the best type of leads. Leads with high purchase intent!

BIA Kelsey predicts that phone calls driven by mobile search will top 73 billion in 2018, a staggering number compared to 2013 when 30 billion calls were generated.

So how do you capitalize on this trend? How do you apply your retargeting strategy to your inbound call campaigns?

Leverage Facebook's Ad Platform to create custom audiences of your callers then display retargeting ads.

Manual vs. Automated Retargeting

There are two ways to do this.

Option 1: Create a spreadsheet of customers who called your business, then manually upload your lists to Facebook (tedious, I know).

Option 2: Use Zigglio to automatically retarget your inbound callers. Zigglio will update your custom audiences in near real-time as you generate phone calls.

How to Retarget Your Inbound Callers With Zigglio

1. Sign up for a Zigglio account and create your first campaign. During campaign setup, you will need to specify where you want your calls forwarded. (See pricing)

2. Tell Zigglio when to add callers to your custom audience and when to create a lookalike audience. Segmented custom audiences can be created based on level of intent to purchase by using call duration as a qualifying factor.

3. Connect your Facebook Ad account. Zigglio will automatically create and update your custom audiences as calls come in. Once your audiences have populated and are ready to receive Ads, create ad campaigns to retarget prospects that called your business.



When you retarget your inbound callers, you will see higher ad engagement and ultimately higher conversions. You can be up and running in a matter of minutes without any technical expertise.

Your leads are calling, are you ready to convert them?


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