Retargeting Can Help Refuel Your Car Dealership's Ad Campaigns

A recent study showed that returning website visitors are much more profitable than first-time visitors, since they have a higher conversion rate and a lower bounce rate, and they also spend nearly twice what new shoppers do online within a given time period. If you want to learn more about how to refuel your car dealership's ad campaign, check out the useful info about how to best use retargeting below.

Segment Your Traffic Before Retargeting

Not all visitors to your site are equal. Some may be looking for a new car, others a used car, and others a service, etc. Use analytics to see what your customers are looking at, then tailor your retargeting efforts based on what they've shown interest in. You should market to them the thing they've indicated they might want to purchase — so that you can encourage them to buy. One size does not fit all when it comes to retargeting.

Retarget via the Right Channels

When deciding where to place retargeting ads, be sure that you're placing them on platforms where your potential customers actually spend time. By retargeting in the right places, you can be sure that your ads get in front of the eyes of the people who want to see them.

Conclusion: Retarget With the Item They've Indicated They Want to Buy

Some dealerships think that the best way to retarget is to offer return visitors deals or sales. However, rather than trying to lure them in with great deals — just market the item they've looked at or shown interest in. This is a great way to show them personalization and encourage them to reconsider the thing they were thinking about buying in the first place.

To make your marketing efforts even more powerful, make sure you market multiple times to people who've already indicated interest — and don't just advertise widely, hoping to bring new people in. This can help nurture a lead quickly and encourage people to buy when they're thinking about it.


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