Zigglio, Selected by Facebook For Its 2017 Accelerator Program

Behavioral retargeting startup Zigglio, allows businesses to easily retarget their inbound callers on social media.

Zigglio, a behavioral retargeting company, was just selected by Facebook as one of top three companies for its 2017 "Growth Track" accelerator program. Facebook launched the program to find and nurture the most innovative ad-tech companies on its platform. The companies chosen met Facebook’s criteria of being mission focused, fast-moving, and tackling a huge and relevant problem.

The Zigglio advertising platform allows businesses to retarget their inbound callers on social media. Retargeting is an advertising strategy that allows a brand to stay in front of their audience even after they leave their website. Research shows that website visitors who are retargeted with display ads are 70 percent more likely to convert to paying customers than visitors who are not retargeted.

Zigglio's technology seamlessly creates and updates custom audiences using inbound caller data, allowing businesses to increase sales by remaining in front of prospects with retargeting ads.

"Zigglio provides phone call driven businesses an efficient way to retarget their inbound callers, much the way businesses retarget their website visitors," says Leighton Scarlett, VP of Product for Zigglio. "With Zigglio, businesses can automatically update their Facebook custom audiences with inbound caller data and effectively advertise to prospects in near real-time."

Zigglio is easy to use and effective. All a business has to do is create a campaign with a local or toll-free Zigglio phone number that forwards incoming calls to the business. Zigglio automatically captures the prospect's phone number then uses advanced caller ID intelligence to find up to 25 data points about callers. This allows the business to significantly increase their custom audience match rates. Relevant social media ads are then displayed to leads that called the business, based on their level of intent to buy. The solution allows a business to effectively display retargeting ads to their inbound callers for a higher conversation rate.

About Zigglio: Zigglio provides an advertising platform that helps businesses convert inbound callers through retargeting campaigns on social media.


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